Entry #1


2015-04-19 19:52:25 by Kayla-Na

Finally decided to make a Newgrounds account, I've always loved checking out the art and animations here!

Anywho, hello! My name is Kayla-Na, and I'm an artist! I work via freelance, so I make my dosh by doing artwork for others that ask me. :)

I draw lots of fanart of games/cartoons/movies that interest me, as well as having my own characters and projects that I'm working on. You can find my art on a lot of websites like deviantart, furaffinity, weasyl, and tumblr!


Nice to meet everyone!


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2015-04-20 07:24:52

Hey there, and welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy your stay here! :)

Kayla-Na responds:

Thank you! :D


2015-04-21 03:01:30

Hey there again! :) In response to the review response about the ratings, it looks like the specific ratings work like this:

some adult themes - T
lots adult themes - M
some nudity - M
lots nudity - A

So.. maybe my advice wasn't spot on regarding M working for all nudity, but this one should definitely be fine with T: some adult themes, no nudity.


2015-04-21 23:43:21

Glad ya' did, your art is wonderful!


2015-04-22 18:15:26



2015-04-23 11:58:32

Very fluid, natural work, being a fan of yours is a no brainer! Welcome to Newgrounds!