Decided to just post the comic here. Prepare for art! And porn >_>

FNAF - Survival Strategy

2015-04-24 19:47:02 by Kayla-Na

The lineart for the comic is finished, but I doubt I'd be able to color all of the pages, as I'm extremely busy with maintaining commissions and two patreons. @__@ sorry about that, but, you can find the comic pages on this website! - NSFW WARNING


2015-04-19 19:52:25 by Kayla-Na

Finally decided to make a Newgrounds account, I've always loved checking out the art and animations here!

Anywho, hello! My name is Kayla-Na, and I'm an artist! I work via freelance, so I make my dosh by doing artwork for others that ask me. :)

I draw lots of fanart of games/cartoons/movies that interest me, as well as having my own characters and projects that I'm working on. You can find my art on a lot of websites like deviantart, furaffinity, weasyl, and tumblr!


Nice to meet everyone!